Dear guests.

Our first objective is to ensure that you have the best possible stay at Les Mazeraies in the best possible sanitary conditions.

We are also concerned about the sustainability of our business, which could be jeopardised by a single case of covid.

These considerations lead us to enact the following rules, in accordance with the new provisions on sanitary pass, in force from 9 August 2021:

All our guests will of course retain access to their rooms, terraces and gardens regardless of their health status, in STRICT compliance with the barrier measures. Those of our guests who have a sanitary pass, and only those, will be able to have access to the Spa, the dining room (dinner and breakfast), the guest lounge. This also applies to all guests under the age of 18, regardless of their health status.

Our visitors will be able to choose to "self-test" (anti-gene test at cost available on arrival) to compensate for the absence of a pass.

These provisions may be adapted as necessary, in accordance with the evolution of the regulations.

Need I remind you that these rules are contractual and binding: thank you for your cooperation.


Access to the spa area will be restricted to people in the same group by mutual agreement, families, couples OR singles. However, we ask you to limit the access in time (maximum 60 minutes) in order to make everyone enjoy it. Disinfecting equipment is available in the spa area.

However, the spa will be closed if governmental measures oblige us to do so.

Have a great stay at Les Mazeraies!